The Average Contact Centre Handling Time (AHT) is Between 5-9 Minutes

Average Handling Time Poll

The Average Handling Time in contact centres, across all sectors, lies somewhere in between 5-9 minutes, according to the contact centre professionals who took part in our poll.

Whilst the 5-9 minute option was the most selected in our poll, with 43% of the vote, 34% did note that their contact centres AHT was in fact between 3-4 minutes.

Poll – “How long is you Average Handling Time” – answers

Less than 1 minute: 1%
1 – 2 mins: 9%
3 – 4 mins: 34%
5– 9 mins: 43%
10 mins: 13%

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: 10 Ways to reduce Average Handling Time     Sample size – 337     Date: January 2013

Published On: 23rd Jan 2013 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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