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35% of Contact Centres Would Use Skype For Specialist Business Processes

Poll – Where would you most likely use Skype in the contact centre?

According to our poll, 35% of contact centres would  be likely to use the ability to interact face-to-face on Skype to help advisors demonstrate specialist business processes to customers.

Furthermore, 34% also suggested that they would use the capability foe selling / show and tell purposes.

Poll – “Where would you most likely use Skype in the contact centre?” answers

As a general voice line – 39%
Selling / Show and Tell – 34%
Specialist business process – 35%
General customer service – 59%
Competitive Advantage – 29%

(Multiple answers were allowed during this poll, so the total does not add up to 100%.)

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: Skype and the Contact Centre     Sample size – 192     Date: March 2014

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Published On: 18th Jul 2014 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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