Music is the Most Appealing Thing to Listen to While “On Hold”


The contact centre professionals who responded to our poll generally believed that music was the most appealing sound to listen to whilst customers are queuing.

Indeed this was the most selected option with 38% of the vote, whilst “Music / Promo mix” (24%) and the “Radio” (18%) were also popular options.

Poll – “Whilst waiting ‘On Hold’ – Which of the following would you say appeals to callers the most?” – answers

•  Music  – 38%
•  Company Promos  – 11%
•  Music / Promo mix  – 24%
•  Radio  – 18%
•  Branded Talk Radio  – 7%

Source: Call Centre and Contact Centre Community LinkedIn Group poll    Sample size – 54     Date: July 2012

Published On: 20th Mar 2013 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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