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“Does anybody know what percentage of callers abandon in an IVR before being connected to the call centre queue. Is this typically counted in call centre statistics?”


Personally I would not include calls abandoned in the IVR. For me there has to be a starting point and it seems reasonable to start counting abandoned calls only once through the IVR. Having said that I do think it is worth keeping an eye on how many calls abandon during the IVR so you can take a view on whether your IVR is sitting well with customers i.e. is it so long customers hang up out of frustration.

Answer thanks to Ian Ranger. 

Published On: 30th Aug 2008 - Last modified: 19th Sep 2019
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  1. Generally it is beleived that the IVR abandon rate is an average of 15%, but with heavy users of IVR such as the mobile phone companies, I would expect this to be significanty higher.

    jontypearce 17 Aug at 8:02 pm
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