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A photo of a piece of work given an "a+" grade
7 Great Tips for Introducing Agent Self-Scoring to Your Team
Mythbusters: Are Quality Assurance Teams All That Bad?
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5 Tips to Measure Quality and Increase Customer Engagement
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How Do You Stay Motivated and Productive Working From Home?
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How to Make the Most of Your Quality Scores
A photo a group coaching session
How Quality Assurance Can Improve Contact Centre Coaching
A panel of people holding up signs with 5 on them
How to Create a Contact Centre Quality Scorecard – With a Template Example
Recorded Webinar: The Best Ways to Design a Quality Scorecard
14 Tips to Provide a Kind Customer Experience
EvaluAgent Release Real-Time Notifications
7 Inventive Ideas From the extraenergy Contact Centre
13 Ways Technology Can Improve Employee Engagement
The CEO Interview: Jaime Scott at EvaluAgent
Silos: The Hidden Killer of Good Customer Experiences
The Danger of Not Having a Comprehensive Customer Survey Programme
16 Things Your Contact Centre Might Be Getting Wrong
What Is Workforce Engagement Management?
Is Your Call Centre Performance Data Leaving Your Agents Confused?
How Do I… Make Time for Agent Training?
What’s Next With… Workforce Management?
youtube frame video
How Do I… Make YouTube into a Self-Service Channel?
How Do I… Remove Average Handling Time (AHT) as an Agent Target?
The Best Ways to Handle Customer Feedback
voice megaphone
How Do I.. Capture the Voice of the Customer?

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