Using Gamification to Motivate Gen Z

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Miriam Beattie at Alvaria explores using gamification to motivate Gen Z.

Over the last decade, Millennials and Gen Z have entered the workforce with a “digital tether,” bringing with them massive change to business cultures and practices.

Each generation has distinctive teaching and learning styles. What appeals to Millennial employees may not drive your Gen Z employees.

Gen Z is the youngest cohort of employees in the market, and they have grown up in a completely digital age. Don’t lose them to processes that don’t resonate with their values and learning style; instead, set them up for success with training methods that work.

Gamification Works for the Youngest Generation

Members of Gen Z have been using technology since an early age, and expect instant access to information.

They like real-time data and instant feedback, and they value recognition and rewards for their efforts in a way that is meaningful for them. They value opportunities to learn new information and develop new skills and are comfortable learning at a fast pace in a digital environment.

It’s easy to see why gamification in the workplace is ideal for recruiting, onboarding and providing ongoing training for this generation.

Utilize Game Mechanics

Instead of having them read manuals or watch company videos, consider using gamification to motivate your Gen Z team members.

Gamification leverages game mechanics to improve employee productivity, engagement and efficiency through small, achievable goals and instant feedback. Gamification is about having fun with a purpose. It can lead to better job satisfaction, improved performance and employee retention.

The Rising Tide of Generation Z

Millennials were already the first “online” generation. They came of age using the internet, and literally invented social media. The trend towards a more online, more digitally engaged workforce will only continue from here on out.

Shifting Habits and Attitudes

Already, Millennials are well-versed in email, text messages and the internet. They adapted to technology from an early age, and from the beginning of their careers, they embraced relatable and straightforward communication styles.

This shift to online communications and a digital-first attitude is even more pronounced with Gen Z. Members of Gen Z haven’t just adapted to technology; they are digital natives and need a digital connection to keep pace.

They prefer communicating not just with text but also with icons, images and short bursts of content and value simplicity and authenticity.

New and Progressive Workplace Tendencies

It is no surprise that Millennials are socially motivated to succeed, and value opportunities for rewards and career advancement.

Millennials also know that comfort with technology gives them an advantage; 85% of Millennials think their mastery of technology makes them faster than their older coworkers.

Gen Z is upping the ante again, preferring instant recognition, perpetual (and self-driven) education and continuous feedback.

Gamification Is for Everyone, Not Just Younger Employees

Luckily, gamification isn’t just used to cater to Gen Z’s expectations of instant gratification and recognition.

Aside from helping them better understand how to perform job-specific tasks, gamification can even be used to improve their communication and relationship-building skills between employees from different generations or backgrounds.

Happy employees are more motivated to perform better and are more productive. They also tend to stay with the company longer. Gamification makes work more enjoyable and improves employee engagement across the board.

And most important to enterprises, companies with highly engaged workforces simply perform better than those without. Significantly better.

According to Gallup, those in the top quartile demonstrated a 17% improvement in productivity, a 20% improvement in sales, and a 21% improvement in profitability over those in the bottom quartile.

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Published On: 14th Jun 2022 - Last modified: 15th Jun 2022
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