Vonage Launches New Cloud Security Capabilities

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Vonage has launched new capabilities to its portfolio of Vonage APIs via the Verify API.

The Verify API allows developers of applications to protect against fraudulent sign-ups by deploying two-factor authentication (2FA) over messaging and voice channels.

With custom workflows and events, and Bring Your Own PIN capabilities, Vonage now gives developers and enterprises even more control over the two-factor authentication process.

With the Verify API, businesses can easily identify and validate genuine customers via 2FA, protecting against fraud, building trust and increasing customer conversion across channels.

With the ability to manage their own PIN codes, security-minded businesses with strict internal policies can now deploy Verify to their end-users even faster and with greater control.

“In today’s hyper-connected and digital world, fraud is a real concern, and not having the ability to verify users can negatively impact your business, including customer retention and brand equity,” said Roland Selmer, VP of API Product Management for Vonage.

“The Verify API now not only gives customers the ability to authenticate end-users via their preferred channel, but to customize the failover workflow process with no coding or development required.”

“This puts total control in the hands of the enterprise customer, ensuring instant global reach and improved customer acquisition, with less code and less complexity.”

With the new Verify workflows capabilities, the service allows customers to prioritize their preferred channels and to customize the failover sequence for sending custom pin codes, driving higher conversions and higher levels of security.

“Authentication is more important now than ever before. To protect against fraud, organizations require robust systems that can withstand increasingly sophisticated threats,” said Raul Castanon, Senior Analyst-Workforce Collaboration for 451 Research.

“At the same time, these systems must be flexible and provide a positive user experience for legitimate users.”

“These requirements are not mutually exclusive. The Vonage Verify API enables users to customize their experience according to their preferences while also supporting and leading to a higher level of security.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 3rd Apr 2020 - Last modified: 7th Apr 2020
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