Recorded Webinar: How to Be World Class at Customer Service


Our 200th Webinar – bumper edition

We all know that good customer service can have a positive impact on our customers. But what does it take to be World Class?

In this, our 200th webinar we look at how to create a World Class Customer Service organisation.

This is a bumper edition with four guest speakers and with a longer 90-minute format.

Topics Discussed

  • What does World Class Customer Service look like?
  • How much does it cost? What is the return on Investment?
  • Building a World Class Culture
  • The importance of Leadership from the top
  • Empowering employees and Employee Engagement
  • Turning Customers into Fans
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • The role of technology
  • Top tips and Questions from the audience


Peter Massey - Headshot
Peter Massey
Jo Hale - Headshot
Jo Hale
Customer Services Expert
Martin Hill-Wilson - Headshot
Martin Hill-Wilson
Brainfood Extra
Mike Murphy - Headshot
Mike Murphy
Jonty Pearce - Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper
Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 23rd Mar 2018 - Last modified: 23rd Apr 2024
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