Webinar Recording: How to Gamify Your Contact Centre and Motivate Advisors

Gamification encourages a culture of friendly competition, which can raise the overall standard of work in the contact centre.

This can be done through motivational games, or through a more complex process that allows us to attain insights into how advisors are performing and use that to drive a gamification programme.

In this webinar, we shared everything from simple, fun games to advice for creating a gamification strategy that will help to develop your contact centre culture.


  • Introductions - Charlie Mitchell, Call Centre Helper
  • Alexandra Hickson, Payzone UK
Webinar slides for Alexandra Hickson on How to gamify your contact centre and motivate advisors Click here to view the slides
  • Brian LaRoche, CallMiner
Webinar slides for Brian LaRoche on How to gamify your contact centre and motivate advisors Click here to view the slides

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Topics Discussed

  • Fun ways to improve contact centre culture
  • The keys to motivating advisors and boosting engagement
  • How to use fun to further advisor performance
  • The benefits of using technology for contact centre gamification
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – "We use gamification to engage our learners for training and to encourage them to tap into their inquisitive sides and want to learn. This results in a more engaged class and more knowledge staff as a result" thanks to Stacy3
Original Webinar date: 24th October 2019


Alexandra Hickson- Headshot
Alexandra Hickson
Payzone UK
Brian LaRoche- Headshot
Brian LaRoche
Charlie Mitchell- Headshot
Charlie Mitchell
Call Centre Helper

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