Recorded Webinar: The Right Words and Phrases to Use With a Customer


  • Introductions – Rachael Boynton, Call Centre Helper
  • Valur Svansson, IP Integration and John Jacob, Vocal Insights Ltd
Webinar Slides: The Right Words and Phrases to Use With a Customer by Valur Svansson and John Jacob,

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Topics to be discussed

  • The importance of knowing what “good” vs. “very good” sounds like to a customer
  • Use of CSAT/NPS and speech analytics to understand how to increase customer satisfaction
  • The Emotional Experience
    • Empathy statements
    • Positive words and phrases
    • Delivering an enthusiastic welcome
    • Building connections with callers
    • Phrases to show an agent is taking ownership of a problem
    • Spotting the amount of silence on a call
  • Quality scoring to support increased customer satisfaction
  • The value of increased customer satisfaction on the company bottom-line: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Winning Tip – “We learnt through some of our customer feedback that some customers were unhappy with the length of time if took to process their claim. We noticed that just by changing certain call processes in a call it really helped the survey responses. For example, setting the scene on the first contact call by advising them how long the call should take, Providing accurate timescales on how long the process would take so this set their expectation for the follow up actions after the call, explaining to and asking the customer to write down the information required, as well as following up after the call what was required in writing. It’s important to take ownership and tailor the service to each customer to improve the customer journey” thanks to Laura5

Original Webinar date: Thursday 2nd February 2017

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