Recorded Webinar: Getting the Best out of The Voice of the Customer


Customer feedback can be a great tool to highlight issues, broken processes and track contact centre performance. But it can also be underutilised and used in a way that fatigues customers.

In this webinar, we discuss the best ways to draw beneficial information from customers, as we also examine how this feedback is best used.

Topics Discussed

  • The right questions to ask in a customer survey
  • How many questions to ask
  • How to drive up survey completion rates
  • Post call surveys
  • Customer feedback technology
  • Extracting feedback from customer comments
  • Spotting trends in customer dis-satisfaction
  • Top Tips from the Audience


Guy Arnold - Headshot
Guy Arnold
Founder of ‘Sales Through Service’ and ‘Investors in Feedback’

Jonathan Wax - Headshot
Jonathan Wax
NICE Nexidia

Jonty Pearce - Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 30th Apr 2018 - Last modified: 28th Feb 2023
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