Recorded Webinar: Voice Is Your New Brand Currency

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Poly introduce their on-demand webinar: “Voice Is Your New Brand Currency”.

Self-service may be the new kid on the block. But it’s not taking any pressure off agents in contact centres.

In a recent study, 77.9% of respondents claimed they couldn’t resolve their issues through self-service systems. 60% will call agents after trying self-service systems once or twice. And 98.5% will call if their situation is serious or time-sensitive.

So, it’s no surprise that agents are talking to customers more than ever on even harder problems.

It’s clear that agents in contact centres represent the front lines of brands. They influence how customers feel about the brands they interact with – and what they say about them on social media, both positive and negative.

By watching the following webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How to maintain your brand experience through voice
  • How to give customers your complete attention and a comprehensive response
  • Why comfort on calls and the right remote-working facilities keep agents productive

To watch the replay and find out more about the webinar

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Published On: 24th Nov 2020 - Last modified: 14th Jul 2023
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