What Is Customer Centricity?


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What Is Customer Centricity?

Customer centricity is defined as putting a customer’s interests truly at the heart of every business strategy, decision, and project, making it the most important factor in every interaction and design decision.

It is about being customer-led, rather than technology, product, or people-led. Building and evolving people, processes and systems.

It is the whats and whys of the customer’s needs/requirements/expectations, and then putting technology/processes in place to serve/meet those expectations.

By process we’d also add it’s from the ‘delivery on time’ customer process, to the ’employee onboarding’ process and up to the process used to define the ‘business strategy’. At every point, the customer’s perspective is considered and impacts how the company decides, designs and delivers everything it does.

Finally – Walk in the shoes of your customer all day, every day. Would you like to be a customer of your company? 

Thanks to Jacqueline Sims, David Rowlands, Patricia Merchan, Philip, Shiraz, Krishanu, Alex Mead and Christopher Brooks.

Published On: 19th Aug 2022
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