What Is Utilization?

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Utilization (also spelt as “utilisation”) is the percentage of time that an advisor is either assisting or available to assist with customer activity out of the time that they are paid to be in the contact centre.

Calculating Utilization

To calculate utilization, the first thing that the contact centre needs to find out is the total amount of time its advisors are available to help, or are productively helping customers, over a certain time period. This is called “Logged-in Time”.

Secondly, the contact centre would need to tally the total number of shift minutes that their advisors have been paid to be in the contact centre over the same period. Let’s call this “Total Shift Time”.

Once these two figures have been calculated, the contact centre can simply divide their “Logged-in Time”  by their “Total Shift Time” and multiply the result by 100, which will then find a percentage utilization. The formula for this is presented below.

Formula for Utilisation Percentage
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Published On: 24th Jun 2022
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