Seat Utilization Ratio

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Seat Utilization Ratio

Hello, I’am looking for seat utilization ratios for bank call centers.. could you please give me a hint where to find it?…

Question asked by jkloor


The contact Babel Report 2007 gives an average for Finance

Call time 59%

Wrap time 10%

Admin 16%

Idle 19%

You could get a copy of the latest report from

With thanks to Jonty

Hi Joseph ,

It all depends up on how many staff you have in the bank and the number of productive seats available.

SU = FTE/ No.of production seats


Koshy Mathew

With thanks to mathewe2s

Seat Utilization

As per BPO standard we use 1.7 as standard seat utilization ratio. Now question is how we reach to this number, we divide 24 by total number of hours wherein most of the seats were full. So let’s suppose you have 24/7 call center but you will not get calls on all the desk in all the interval. In call center customers start calling around 8am and then until 10 pm (this can be changed based on your timezone, I am taking Indian call center’s example here). Total peak window is 14 hours and if your divide your available hours i.e 24 with 14 your will get the result 1.7 seat ratio. I may be wrong and if anyone have any other calculation they can share with all of us.

With thanks to gurpreet

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