Difference Between Occupancy and Utilization

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Difference Between Occupancy and Utilization

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What is Difference between agents Occupancy and Utilization and what is formula for both

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Occupancy and Utilization Are Often Confused

Occupancy and Utilization are terms that are often used interchangeably, but are different. This is very important in contact centres and BPO.

The Difference Between Occupancy and Utilisation

Have a read of this article where we explore these two metrics further, explaining each fully and highlighting the value of calculating both in the contact centre.

Alternatively see these two articles about how to Calculate Occupancy and How to Work out How Many Staff you Need

Maximum Occupancy is the Most Common Resource Planning Mistake

The simple rule is you shouldn’t let maximum occupancy go above 85%.

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Occupancy Differs From Utilization

Occupancy differs from utilization, in that occupancy considers only live logged in time, but utilization considers total time at work (including logged out time such as training).

Occupancy Formula

Occupancy = What percentage of time that my agents are logged in live, are they actually productively busy with a customer activity, or are they available to do more?

The typical formula to calculate occupancy is:

(Talk + Hold + Wrap + Customer Related Activities) ÷ (Talk + Hold + Wrap + Customer Related Activities + Available Time)

Occupancy is especially important in schedule design, as it assists with measuring schedule optimization, so as not to have agents sitting and waiting for calls.

Utilisation Formula

Utilization = What percentage of the time that I pay my agent, are they logged in and assisting or available to assist with a customer activity?

The typical formula to calculate utilisation is:

(Talk + Hold + Wrap + Customer Related Activities + Available Time) ÷ (Paid Hours On-Site / Total Shift Time)

Utilization is important as input to shrinkage or overhead calculations, as it considers “non customer-related activities” that still get paid for, but that takes the agent away from servicing a customer, such as:

  • Training Time
  • Coaching
  • Personal Breaks

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Occupancy vs Utilization

We also have a video where Ray Agar, Solutions Consultant at injixo, explains the differences between occupancy and utilization, and how contact centres can optimize them.

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