15 Steps to an Improved Customer Experience


Our readers share their advice on how you can deliver an improved customer experience.

1. Stop using the word ‘staff’

Stop using the word ‘staff’ and start using the word ‘colleagues’.

This will help your agents feel part of the bigger picture, rather than just a number. Happier agents = happier customers.

With thanks to Syed

2. Track every customer interaction to understand staffing needs

We track every customer interaction by HOW they contacted us (webchat, phone, email, etc.) and WHY they contacted us (from a standardised set of reasons).

This data provides us with valuable feedback which we can then use to address staffing issues, as well as make any necessary changes to our systems.

With thanks to Lisa

3. Community champions help filter important information down

We have community champions, voted for by the community, to give us updates on any problems and also to filter information back to our customers.

The community champions are also invited to see the running of the business and see a first-hand view of how we control problems.

With thanks to Deon

4. Ask your agents to map the customer journey


When we were looking at the customer journey, we asked the team to map out which stages generate the most contacts.

This helped us to gain buy-in to the changes we wanted to make.

We review this with the team each month and look for trends.

With thanks to Kate

5. Host regular meetings with all departments

Get representatives from each department to meet at least once a month to discuss current issues.

This will help to keep everyone in the business on the same page – and doing the best for your customers.

With thanks to Syed

6. Invest time in your recruitment process

You have to invest time in your recruitment process to find genuinely empathetic people – you will struggle to teach this, it’s a personality trait.

All the scripts and procedures will mean nothing if staff do not genuinely care for other people.

With thanks to Ricardo

7. Teach agents about the business to encourage a progressive mindset

Agents should be aware of who management are and the job they do.

This information should be conveyed via hour-long sessions where agents can sit and learn about key areas of the business.

This can help increase motivation, drive progressive mindsets, and consequently improve the customer experience.

With thanks to Syed

8. Ask your agents to report back on your competitors


We actively use a “Know the Competition” programme.

Agents are each assigned a competitor and report back on how they handle situations.

They find out for themselves where they could be doing better. This also drives them to be the best they can be, as they know what they’re up against in the real world.

With thanks to Lisa

9. Give the same TLC to your agents as your customers

I think it’s crucial for a business to listen to its agents and customers equally.

As much time as is focused on offers, deals and rewards for customers to keep them active to a business, the same effort needs to be put into the in-house staff to keep them motivated.

With thanks to Syed

10. Keep your agents up to speed with ever-changing technology

Development for individuals is key.

We make it a priority to keep our agents up to speed with the ever-changing face of technology.

With thanks to Colin

11. Empower agents to make changes and do a good job

Allow people to develop and input on changes that benefit the business.

Agents need more than just a financial “bonus” to motivate them to please your customers.

With thanks to Colin

12. Make sure your customers get the same answer across all channels

Customers often use multiple channels to ask the same question.

We have done a lot of work to make sure that they get the same reply.

With thanks to Kate

13. Understand who your customers are and adapt to them

Understand who your customers are.

Once you know their needs and requirements, you can adapt your product and systems accordingly.

With thanks to Syed

14. Send out a ready-made “sorry box” if you’ve upset a customer


We have something called a “Sorry Box” – containing some chocolates and a card we can sign personally.

We send this to customers who have had a particularly negative experience with us to help turn things around.

With thanks to Catherine

15. Show genuine interest in your agents

Showing a genuine interest and investing time in your agents can change their attitude – and make them more motivated to give a better standard of service to the customer.

With thanks to Karen

What have you done recently to deliver an improved customer experience?

Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 27th May 2015 - Last modified: 20th Oct 2017
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