Call Centre Attended RPA Benefits and Use Cases

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Alvaria recently announced the launch of Alvaria Automate Attended, an attended robotic processing automation (RPA) tool that enables a workforce to work side-by-side with robots that take on and administer their routine and mundane tasks.

This is done through simple, 100% secure, human-in-the-loop automation. With Alvaria Automate Attended, organizations make it easier for their workforce to accomplish more and enhance the customer and employee experience.

In their recent report about robotic process automation (RPA) usage, Frost & Sullivan found that 77% of the 400 organizations they surveyed used RPA in at least one department.

Here’s how that 77% number is broken down:

  • 26% used RPA in 1-3 departments
  • 27% used RPA in 4-6 departments
  • 24% used RPA in 7 or more departments

There’s no denying that RPA has staying power in organizations – and it often spreads from department to department, increasing productivity along the way. This blog post will focus on the benefits and use cases of attended RPA in call centres.

What Is Attended RPA?

Attended RPA bots automatically pull up and fill in information on agents’ desktops to assist them with calls, chats and other forms of communication with customers.

Benefits of Attended RPA in a Call Centre Environment

1. Maintain Data Governance and Compliance

Your company can do serious damage to its financial health and reputation if rules and regulations are violated. By recommending statements for agents to speak and automatically pausing recording while sensitive information is given, Alvaria Automate Attended keeps your call centre compliant.

2. Increase Efficiency

Reduce the time employees spend on manual tasks by using bots to automatically populate forms and perform other repetitive tasks.

A healthcare service provider reduced average handle time (AHT) in their call centre by 16% for seasoned employees and by 25% for new employees with Alvaria Automate Attended.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Make the experience more seamless for the customer and let agents focus on the customer, not the paperwork.

Alvaria Automate Attended can automatically update customer records and notes for the agent, which lets the agent worry less about the process and pay more attention to their tone and phrasing.

Use Cases of Attended RPA in a Call Centre Environment

1. Insurance Company Call Centre

Use Case: When customers call in to an insurance company call centre, it takes 30 seconds for an agent to find the customer’s name and account number in the CRM, then check in a different system to see what policies the customer has.

If the customer has multiple policies (like car insurance, home insurance, boat insurance), it takes longer for the agent to pull them up because they’re in different systems.

If you add a minute or two to hundreds of calls each day, it increases costs fast.

Solution: Alvaria Automate Attended can pull up customers’ policies based on the phone number, which increases agent efficiency and reduces manual work. Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer with multiple policies places an inbound call to their insurance company.
  2. Call is routed to the IVR.
  3. The system recognizes the customer’s phone number and launches the customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  4.  The Alvaria attended RPA solution gets the account number from the CRM and uses it to load policy information from.


  • Less stressful and less errors for agents
  • Reduces average handle time (AHT) and therefore overall costs in the call centre
  • Better experience for customers because they don’t have to wait as long

2. Healthcare Service Provider Call Centre

Use Case: A large healthcare service provider with multiple independent applications identified significant opportunities to improve efficiency in all its call centers.

The company also needed to shorten its new hiring training time, improve efficiencies during seasonal ramp-up times and standardize service across the organization.

Solution: Alvaria Automate Attended was selected to provide:

  • Streamlined application login
  • Non-intrusive, integrated access to host systems
  • Forced entry of key data items
  • Automatic population of redundant data across systems
  • A single integrated toolbar for system navigation

The initial phase of the project was to streamline agent login and then implement a smart toolbar to manage the desktop’s 17 applications.


  • Reduced AHT by 16% for seasoned employees and by 25% for new employees
  • Reduced login time by 60%
  • Saved over $3M per year
  • Agents spend less time on data entry, which eliminates dead air and gives them a chance to personalize calls more

3. Bank Call Centre

Use Case: When a customer calls into a bank’s call centre, they typically need to share their card verification value (CVV),the three-digit number on the back of the card, to verify that they are the cardholder.

The bank can’t record any customers’ CVV, so agents have to click “pause recording” and “resume recording” each time they ask for a CVV.

Solution: Alvaria Automate Attended can pause and resume recordings automatically to help the call centre remain compliant.


  • Reduces agent errors, like not pausing or resuming recordings at the right time
  • Improves customer confidentiality
  • Reduces risk of non-compliance and fines
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Published On: 27th Sep 2022 - Last modified: 20th Oct 2023
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