2 Challenges That Many Contact Centres Are Battling Now

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Richard Kenny of Poly discusses two key contact centre challenges and how to overcome them.

1. Over-Emphasis on Digital Channels

Maintaining a new level of customer satisfaction against a backdrop of rising, unpredictable demand for call centre services is no mean feat. At the same time that consumers can’t access in-person services they are also experiencing increasingly stressful and complex personal and work scenarios.

Customers require empathetic customer service representatives that keep lines of communication open. Voice is the best channel for these complex interactions, but calls can make or break relationships with customers.

Equipping employees with enterprise-grade audio solutions that work across multiple environments and endpoints is critical. The right technology, with crystal-clear audio and active noise cancelling will produce more efficient calls and reduced background noise, with fewer mistakes and overall increased customer satisfaction.

2. Hybrid Working Solutions

With the rise of working from home, organizations don’t want to lose out on their on-premise PBX investment but do need to look at integrated softphone and/or mobile phone solutions that offer hybrid working solutions.

Additionally, in the middle of a recession, organizations don’t typically need to worry about employee retention, but despite the economic background, attrition is going up in call centres. If employees don’t feel trusted and empowered with working from home and flexible hours options, organizations are at risk of losing out on top talent.

Technology such as wireless headsets gives them the freedom they crave, while bringing a professional call experience to any location.

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Richard Kenny

Headsets such as the EncorePro 700 series offer all-day comfort for intensive phone users, with simple controls to easily manage and switch between calls. Call clarity with customers is ensured with excellent microphone pick-up and noise-cancelling features.

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Published On: 20th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 30th Nov 2020
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