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Contact centres generate a tremendous amount of data every single second. From calls in queue, net staffing, schedule details, agent state and more, it is more information than can be processed manually.

Without automation, contact centres risk missing meeting agents’ and customers’ demands, ultimately costing organizations time, opportunities and money.

Alvaria Real Time Optimizer is designed to seamlessly integrate with Alvaria Workforce. Using automation with AI, contact centres can intelligently determine in real time – and direct – agents’ activities, maximizing productivity and engagement while producing an immediate impact on the business.

Imagine utilizing agents’ downtime for training or streamlining break times while also allowing supervisors to use workforce data to send coaching or verify agents’ schedule adherence.

There are undeniable benefits of putting Alvaria Real Time Optimizer to work for you.

Improve Engagement

Consider a recent LinkedIn Learning report, which found 94% of agents said they are willing to stay with a company that invests in learning.

Real Time Optimizer automatically delivers and administers development tasks in real time when service levels can accommodate. Plus, it makes training more accessible by aggregating idle time and automatically pushing training directly to agent desktops.

Effective support from management leads to more empowered and productive agents, resulting in happier customers. Real Time Optimizer delivers work updates, system incident communications, or off-phone tasks to agents at the appropriate time.

Improve Adherence

Schedule adherence and enhancing adherence in the call centre is important for optimizing staffing, efficiency and productivity.

It helps ensure your agents are optimally utilized. Real Time Optimizer updates schedules automatically so supervisors can be certain agents are on schedule while reducing data entry and saving management time.

Plus, it proactively prompt agents into their lunch, break, or end-of-shift before a long call creates adherence issues. Real Time Optimizer also pushes agents to return to the appropriate state to take enquiries as well as notifying supervisors for immediate intervention.

Make Staffing Simple

Unmonitored labour costs have the potential to get out of control. Real Time Optimizer keeps these costs in check and can automatically make rapid staff adjustments to meet demands by monitoring volume and the need for intraday staffing adjustments and proposing VTO and VOT. Supervisors can also stay abreast of agents arriving late, or not arriving at all with immediate notification.

Enhanced Call Handling

Agent state is an important metric for supervisors to have a total view of the call centre. Real Time Optimizer sends alerts when pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

How calls are handled over time can help identify patterns that can be used for coaching purposes to enhance performance. Agents are more valuable when they’re on the phone.

When established thresholds are breached, Real Time Optimizer prompts agents with a helping hand or a reminder to return to helping customers.

Automation provides efficiencies that have a positive impact on the bottom line, including:

  • A large US health insurer had 4% Agent Cost Reduction – over $4.5 million in annual savings and a 1.5% productivity gain through dynamic training delivery and improved overall average handle time (AHT) by two seconds.
  • A US Fortune 500 health insurer recognized a 3.6% in agent cost reduction – $17M in annual savings, a 3.5% reduction in shrinkage and a six second reduction in AHT.
  • A UK energy supplier reduced agent costs, a $4M in annual savings resulting from 164,000 agent hours saved through automated delivery of off-phone tasks and automated adherence actions
  • A Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm saw 2% Agent Cost Reduction – $5M in annual savings and 46% reduction in training completion time which resulted in a 35% workforce management productivity gain.
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Published On: 19th Jul 2022 - Last modified: 20th Jul 2022
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