Case Study: CollaborationRoom.AI Improves Testing

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CollaborationRoom.AI has a cutting-edge alternative to other collaboration tools in the marketplace, and for that they needed the world’s most powerful WebRTC testing and monitoring.

About CollaborationRoom.AI is a collaboration tool, purpose built for contact centres. The company was founded in 2020 by CEO, Sameer Maini, in response to the shift to home-working for contact centre agents.

“Both testingRTC and watchRTC help us gain higher CSAT results, because our testing is quicker, our go-to-market releases are quicker, and when we do have challenges, we can troubleshoot them a lot more easily. Those are things that really help us as a business” Sameer Maini, CEO of

The Challenge

As a startup, the team has finite resources. When it came to scaling their application, load testing was an issue.

The development team would be taken off other tasks, to spend time mimicking real users, and they struggled to test all possible scenarios using this manual approach.

“We would all have seven or eight computers in our workbenches, trying to mimic users. It just wasn’t a very practical way of doing it and it was pulling developers off production for long periods of time” Sameer Maini, CEO of

This scenario would be repeated every time the team released a new feature, but, despite all this time spent on quality assurance, they were still unable to fully test their application at scale, before they released features to customers.

Without robust testing, a new feature might slow an agent’s PC down, leading to complaints. And when those complaints did crop up, troubleshooting with a non-technical user base of call centre agents was challenging.

“It’s a lot asking non-technical call centre agents to participate in active troubleshooting. We might spend an hour on a conference call, simply walking them through how to collect log files. That was time-consuming for us, and frustrating for the agent” Sameer Maini, CEO of

The Solution discovered the testRTC suite, and the team was immediately won over by its simplicity and features that enabled them to scale their testing and monitoring with ease.

They use testingRTC to test new features before release, capturing key performance metrics that allow them to spot bugs and performance issues when the feature is used at scale, through different browsers, and under different network conditions.

They use watchRTC for ongoing monitoring to optimize their tool, as well as – importantly – for troubleshooting issues. watchRTC allows them to capture and access detailed data for users in real time. When an issue crops up, data such as log files are now available at the touch of a button.

“In a typical test cycle, using testRTC has shrunk the time spent from a couple of weeks, to a couple of hours. And on the troubleshooting side, tasks that took hours now take minutes” Sameer Maini, CEO of


With testingRTC, they have:

  • A robust tool to fully stress and load test their application, at scale, meaning they find bugs before their customers do
  • A simple, intuitive interface that has made testing and gathering data easy
  • Quicker testing cycles, freeing up developers’ time to focus on new features and improvements

With watchRTC they have:

  • Ability to troubleshoot quickly and easily, with real user data at their fingertips
  • Intelligence that allows them to spot network issues in real time
  • Detailed performance data that allows them to continually optimize their application
  • Valuable real usage insights, that help inform future developments
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Published On: 16th Dec 2022
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