1 in 4 Banking Consumers Demand Clearer Phone Numbers

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More than a quarter (26.5%) of UK adult consumers believe that making phone numbers more obvious on financial services websites is key to improving customer service – according to a revealing survey commissioned by Odigo, a leading European customer service software provider.

Equating to 14.01 million UK adult consumers, the research executed by Censuswide highlights the vital importance of live conversations with customer service agents for banking customers.

The findings come at a time when one in eight UK bank branches is set to close by December 2023 in an effort to cut costs and drive customers to online self-service channels, such as FAQs and chatbots.

The research also highlights the importance of good customer service in customer retention, with two-fifths (41%) of consumers stating it is one of the main reasons they stay with their bank.

Agam Kohli, Director, CX Solutions Engineering, at Odigo, comments, “With the last few financially difficult years, banking customers wanting to speak to a real person should come as no surprise.

“When people have urgent questions or concerns about their finances, being able to reach a real person is critical for some customers and can be a make-or-break situation. Because it’s often only other humans who can provide the answers and reassurance they need.”

Additionally, the survey found that 28% of UK consumers believe making websites easier to navigate is a clear way for banks to improve their customer service, whilst 18% believe more detailed FAQs are needed, and 18% said chatbots should be easier to use.

“The customer’s ability to easily contact their banking providers in the most convenient way for them should be a given.

“It is now up to banks and financial service providers to ensure they are directing their customers to every possible communication channel, and clearly displaying their contact numbers is a good place to start.

“While a multitude of different finance questions can be easily answered by FAQs and chatbots, it’s vital that banks strike a balance and accommodate all groups of customers, especially elderly or consumers with disabilities who might struggle with chatbots or online banking due to lack of digital skills,” he concludes.

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Published On: 13th Dec 2023 - Last modified: 19th Dec 2023
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