Crexendo Unveils Generative AI Features

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Crexendo has announced the launch of its new Generative AI technology features powered by ChatGPT in the Company’s Contact Center solution.

By harnessing the power of AI and natural language processing, Crexendo’s technology will enable real-time conversations that feel natural yet are dynamic enough to respond to complex requests, comments and questions.

This new ability to both understand context in questions and respond with intelligent insights represents a significant step forward for Crexendo’s communication platforms.

These capabilities are now available through the digital engagement channels of the Company’s CX CCaaS solution, and the solution is easily deployable to support the webchat function provided on end user customer’s websites; the solution is available through Crexendo as well as its Partners who also deploy the CX platform.

The introduction of Crexendo’s VIP CX is intended to further assist a business with its existing support staff and customers, aiding in user engagement and more efficiently managing inbound service requests.

Through the enablement of a wide range of newly customizable features, this technology will help improve customer support, sales interactions and internal communications across industries.

“Crexendo partners can now offer a personalized, informative and engaging contact center experience built for their specific clientele,” said Crexendo CEO Jeff Korn.

“This innovation will revolutionize the way businesses engage, providing a personalized dimension of interaction that far exceeds the capabilities of traditional contact centers.

Our launch of Generative AI using ChatGPT showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation as we continue to listen to and anticipate the needs of our growing client base.”

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 28th Sep 2023
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