Cyara Named One of UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing

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Cyara has officially been named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing (2023) by Great Place to Work, the global authority on workplace culture.

Cyara’s selection is due to the company’s commitment to promoting a healthy work–life balance to its employees. It allows all UK employees to work from home and offers unlimited annual leave.

The company has a strong focus on the promotion of wellbeing, with weekly meditation sessions run by CEO Alok Kulkarni.

Employees are also encouraged to use their skills within their local communities – with the company offering each employee one community give back day per quarter. And, Cyara encourages lifelong learning and provides each employee with an annual learning stipend.

Great Place to Work’s culture experts analysed thousands of employee surveys, assessing people’s holistic experiences of wellbeing at work to determine the UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing list.

The surveys asked employees to comment on how their company supports their work–life balance, sense of fulfilment, job satisfaction, psychological safety and financial security.

Evaluations also included an assessment of how well the organization was able to deliver consistency of their employee experience across all departments and seniority levels.

Cyara scored highly in its employee survey, achieving a 91% overall score in the wellness category, and with all respondents agreeing that employees are treated fairly across all aspects of diversity and inclusion.

Employees also highlighted the approachability of management, and how welcoming and caring team members are. Cyara was also praised for its “family first” mentality, and its commitment to promoting a healthy work–life balance.

“At the heart of every organization are its people and looking after their wellbeing should be much more than a package of impressive perks on a careers website,” explains Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place to Work UK.

“We know when employees feel genuinely contented and at ease within their roles, they are much more engaged and productive.

“Now in our second year of the UK’s Best Workplaces” for Wellbeing list, we’re once again able to showcase the leading organizations providing cultures conducive to outstanding psychological, physical and social wellbeing. A huge congratulations to Cyara for making this prestigious list.”

“At Cyara, we have focused on fostering a culture that not only recognizes and progresses the skills of our employees, but that also ensures their wider wellbeing,” said Jeremy Braidish, Chief People Officer at Cyara.

“Being recognized as a Great Place to Work is a huge honour for Cyara and reinforces our commitment to being an inclusive, diverse and welcoming workplace that meets the needs of all our team.”

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Published On: 14th Feb 2023
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