Can You Trust Generative AI in Your Contact Centre?

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Generative AI holds immense promise for revolutionizing the contact centre. Its ability to understand complex inquiries, personalize responses, and learn over time could lead to faster resolutions and happier customers.

News stories about Generative AI’s inaccuracies and biases paint a troubling picture. A recent survey by Metrigy revealed that consumers are four times less likely than business leaders to trust Generative AI.

Unchecked, Generative AI can introduce bias, compromise privacy, or spout factually incorrect “hallucinations.” When AI goes wrong, it erodes the very customer experience it was meant to improve.

One wrong answer is what it takes. Recent headlines, like the DPD and Air Canada chatbot mishaps, only underscore the need for caution in deploying AI in customer engagements.

Frank Chevallier at Five9 asks if you can trust generative AI in your contact centre, and takes a look at delivering responsible AI for enhanced CX.

The Generative AI Dilemma

Generative AI can be transformative. In the Contact Centre, it powers everything from Self-service automation, Agent Assistance, CX Insights, Automatic Quality Management to Digital engagements and more.

But there’s a dark side. The more complex the task you ask Generative AI to do, the greater the risk of unintended consequences. Consider the lowly FAQ bot.

An organization might be comfortable letting Generative AI take the lead but draw the line when it comes to high-stake transactional interaction like recommending how to finalize a Mortgage application or handling sensitive personal data.

As a result, it is only natural that CX leaders grapple with questions like can we trust this powerful technology? How to ensure we get consistent, responsible, and reliable output from Generative AI, to mitigate its risks.

Delivering Responsible AI: The Key to Building Trust

At Five9, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach to Generative AI isn’t the answer. Our philosophy is to give organizations the tools to chart their own path with Generative AI, customizing the level of trust they require from Generative AI output for different scenarios.

This ensures Generative AI innovation goes hand-in-hand with a responsible and reliable use of it.

The Way Forward: Charting a Responsible Path

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize contact centres. But this revolution must be built on a foundation of trust. As you shape your AI strategy, look beyond the buzzwords. Demand these answers from your vendors:

“How do you put me in the driver’s seat?” Look for tools that let you mold the AI’s output, tie it to your knowledge sources, and safeguard against unacceptable behavior.

“Can I steer the course?” Seek solutions that give you the freedom to choose or even bring the foundation LLM model that aligns best with your organization’s preferences.

“How do you ensure the AI aligns with my brand?” Demand technology that allows you to inject your organization’s unique knowledge, voice, and terminology directly into your AI interactions.

By choosing a vendor who shares your commitment to responsible and reliable AI you won’t just be adopting a technology; you’ll be forging a new era of customer experience. One built on the bedrock of trust.

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Published On: 14th May 2024
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