Recorded Webinar: Forecasting Masterclass


We took a peek at some of the software innovations that make it easier than ever to generate accurate schedules.

Accurate forecasting of volumes and workloads is the foundation of workforce planning.
No matter how optimal the schedules, how well we manage adherence or how engaged the agents are in the planning cycle, if the forecast is wrong, the whole planning process is undermined.


  • Introductions –  Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Forecasting Techniques and Forecast Accuracy – Penny Reynolds, Call Center School

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  • Forecasting in action – Dean Couchman, injixo
  • Forecasting in the Cloud – Chris Dealy, injixo
  • Top Tips and Your Questions
  • Your tips

Winning tip – “Take the frustrations generated by ‘ad hoc’ ‘unplanned’ ‘unthought’ actions by areas of the business.

Someone must have thought about and planned the action…who? Engage those areas and educate them on the impact of the ‘unknown’ and work together to make it known.

My annual resource plan is built and regularly reviewed with full input from Marketing and Propositions Teams.”  Thanks to Steve2

  • Interactive Q&A – Live questions from the audience

Forecasting Fundamentals article

All the tips from the audience have now been turned into an article 25 ways to improve your contact centre forecasting

Click here to download our Monthly Forecasting Excel Spreadsheet Template

Topics to be discussed

  • Forecast accuracy
  • Common forecasting mistakes
  • Different forecasting models
  • Useful Excel functions
  • Testing historical vs forecasted data
  • Dealing with external events – marketing campaigns, mail drops, the weather
  • Eliminating exceptions
  • Forecasting software innovations
  • Cloud-based forecasting systems
  • Top tips from the audience

Original Webinar date: May 2014

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