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Chris has specialised in WFM for contact centres for over 20 years. He has written countless blog posts, e-books & how-to guides on the subject, and hosted many well-regarded webinars with leading industry experts.

Chris has helped dozens of companies to reap the benefits of WFM and he knows the business case inside out.

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Injixo burnout video cover
The Truth About Agent Burnout
Tired and stressed customer support operator with headache
Tackle the 3 A’s – Absence, Agent Burnout, and Attrition
Fact Fiction Post-It Notes - separating fact from fiction
AI in WFM: Separating Fact From Fiction
How to Improve Forecast Accuracy video cover with Chris Dealy
How to Improve Forecast Accuracy
Blurred contact centre employees at desks
Need to Reduce Call Transfers? Try These Approaches
ROI Concept with words on yellow background
How Workforce Management Software Pays for Itself
Logging customer complaint concept with the words customer complaints on keyboard
7 Effective Ways to Monitor Complaints
A hand with a clock - elevate real time adherence
10 Tips to Elevate Real-Time Adherence
Ways Technology Helps Exceed Service Level Targets on paper
7 Ways Technology Can Help Exceed Service Level Targets
Remote working concept with person working on computer during virtual meeting
Remote Workforce Management
2024 Contact Centre Predictions
Expert Predictions: What Will 2024 Bring for Contact Centres?
Get the most out of live chat
3 Quick-Fire Ways to Get the Most Out of Live Chat
What is Contact Centre Workforce Management?
Workforce Management Trends on colorful paper note with calculator and pen on red background.
Emerging WFM Trends to Look Out For
Methods to Calculate Forecast Accuracy video Cover with Chris Dealy at injixo
Methods to Calculate Forecast Accuracy
Person holding lightbulb with cogs and graph - technology idea concept
10 Ways Technology Can Simplify the Contact Centre
Time concept with clocks merging together
10 Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Enhancing Intraday Management
Cost cutting concept with the word cost next to scissors
Top Ways Tech Can Help With Cutting Contact Centre Costs
AI in customer service concept with a robot in headphones coming out of a laptop
Our Top Use Cases for AI in Customer Service
Business Term with Climbing Chart / Graph - Forecast
Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Contact Centre Forecasting
Fixing issues with tech concept illustration with laptop and icons
15 Ways Contact Centre Technology Can Help Address Inefficiencies
Magnifying glass and reports on table
How to Improve Your Contact Centre Reporting
Old typewriter and laptop on table on yellow background. Concept of technology progress. Old vs new
17 Signs Your Contact Centre Technology Is Ageing Badly
Technology business case concept with speech bubble saying business case resting on keyboard
What to Include in a Business Case for New Technology