Recorded Webinar: Forecasting and Scheduling on Digital Channels


More and more contact centres are implementing digital channels such as live chat, messaging apps and new social media networks.

Yet, while there is lots of helpful content about installing these channels and offering great customer service through them, there isn’t much out there in terms of WFM.

Luckily this webinar is here to save the day, as our experienced industry experts will be sharing lots of helpful tips to improve your digital forecasts and schedules.


  • Introductions – Rachael Trickey, Call Centre Helper
  • Philip Stubbs, Atlantic Insight
 Philip Stubbs slides from Forecasting and Scheduling webinar

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 Phil Anderson slides from Forecasting and Scheduling webinar

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 Paul Chance slides from Forecasting and Scheduling webinar

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Topics Discussed

  • How to forecast for live chat, messaging apps and social media
  • Best schedule practices to meet incoming demand
  • Where can digital forecasting and scheduling fail?
  • Ideas to improve intraday management of digital channels
  • Which tools can help to improve forecasting and scheduling?
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – “If you’re not already getting data to track volumes, do so ASAP. It’ll take time to establish but it means that when you NEED it, you’ve already got it setup with historical data. Otherwise your projects could be delayed by weeks or months. But remember to always question said data, where does it come from? What does X mean?” thanks to Jake8

Original Webinar date: 14th October 2021


Philip Stubbs - Headshot
Philip Stubbs
Atlantic Insight
Phil Anderson - Headshot
Phil Anderson
The Forum
Paul Chance - Headshot
Paul Chance
NICE Systems
Rachael Trickey - Headshot
Rachael Trickey
Call Centre Helper
Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 8th Oct 2021 - Last modified: 25th Apr 2024
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