Recorded Webinar: Improving Forecast Accuracy


Webinar on forecast accuracy.

It’s a tough job trying to match the level of staff with the volume of calls.  After all, the moment that a customer tries to contact you is dependent upon a wide variety of factors.

So how do you ensure that you can make contact centre forecasts as accurate as possible?


  • 5 factors that affect forecast accuracy – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Practical techniques to improve forecast accuracy – Maggie Klenke, The Call Center School
  • Forecasting functions to look for in WFM tools – Chris Dealy, InVision Software

Click here to download our Monthly Forecasting Excel Spreadsheet Template

  • Interactive Questions and Answers

Topics to be discussed

  • Calculating forecast accuracy
  • Dealing with the weather
  • Maildrops and marketing campaigns
  • Cycle forecasting
  • Identifying patterns
  • Regression analysis
  • Billing cycle forecasts
  • Factors outside of your control
  • Dealing with disasters
  • Key forecasting features in WFM Software

This webinar is provided by Call Centre Helper and is being sponsored by InVision Software.

Original Webinar date: May 2012

Published On: 16th May 2012 - Last modified: 16th Apr 2021
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