Recorded Webinar: Making an Impact with your Voice


The Webinar Contents

How your agents talk on the phone can have a massive impact on the quality of the service that you offer.  Although contact centres invest huge amounts on technology and training, one aspect often overlooked is the impact that the human voice can make on the telephone call.  Used well and it can build real rapport, used badly and it can result in poor customer service.

From building empathy with callers, to increasing sales volumes, the voice can be used as a highly effective tool.


  • Introduction – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper
  • Speech Impact – Tony Crawford, MD, Crawford Communications

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  • How to avoid vocal stress – Dr Diane Hazlett, Head of School of Communication, University of Ulster

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  • Acoustic Intelligence – Richard Kenny, EMEA Segment Manager, Plantronics

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  • Interactive Questions and Answers

Further information:

Topics discussed

  • How to deal with voice stress
  • Speech impact
  • Communicating by phone
  • Acoustic intelligence
  • The impact of background noise
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Original Webinar date: May 2012

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