Gaining Greater Agent Productivity and Capacity Using a 360 Degree View

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Winning loyalty and retaining customers is the key to profitable business. Your contact centre is at the heart of your customer’s experience, and it is essential to match changing customer expectations and satisfy your organisation’s productivity drivers.

Recent research shows that 8 out of 10 contact centres do not have end-to-end visibility (Call Centre Helper report), in fact 40% cannot track or manage customer interactions as their systems are in silos, data is in worksheets or they have no visibility at all.

If these challenges sound familiar you might want to consider

  • Understanding the barriers that exist between you and your customer. In other words, how do your systems or silos prevent agents and customers from accessing the information that they need?
  • How much specialist knowledge and time is required to find answers by navigating systems and infrastructure?

Typically, our professional teams find that, as you remove departmental and process silos, waste is eliminated, and an easier-to-use, more efficient customer service delivery emerges.

As you break down working silos, front and back-office create a new focused partnership that delivers superior customer experience.

Creating a perfect agent environment on the desktop
Resolving a customer query provides a golden opportunity for your organisation to gather or verify information, and to up-sell or extend services provided.

Our tips for success

  1. Consider the ideal situation and agree what your agent needs on the screen in order to:
    1. Satisfy your customers’ needs at first point of contact
    2. Maximise the value of this ‘golden’ contact opportunity
    3. Manage the workflow and ensure the customer is updated every step of the way
  2. Gain support to identify and remove typical barriers such as:
    1. Disparate technical systems
    2. Broken or interrupted processes between departments
    3. Silo data that is manually carried forward
    4. Specialist knowledge of location or methods from experienced staff
    5. Lack of real-time progress updates or view preventing alerts on service-level breaches
  3. Avoid confusing technology issues with ‘what you need’. Focusing on why it ‘won’t work’ will only obscure the progress to your goal.

The ultimate goal of a 360° view is to remove barriers and make it easy for customers and staff, which in turn reduces customer frustration. The benefits are average handling time (AHT), improving first contact resolution (FCR) and productivity while motivating agents.

Having the technology is only a first step, integrating workflows and providing agents with a clear useful single view is crucial to accelerating your return on investment.

Published On: 29th Jul 2016 - Last modified: 6th Feb 2019
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