How Outbound Call Centres Achieve Win:Win

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An outbound call centre can use next-generation, multichannel technology to optimize business operations and processes and enable timely, relevant contact that builds relationships.

Intelligent, multichannel outbound call technology is a fundamental requirement in achieving sustainable growth for businesses.

In a recent survey of over 8,000 consumers and business buyers worldwide, Salesforce found that 75% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences.

If you have the right technology, outbound calls and other contact can be easy and rewarding for both business and customer.

Using next-generation analytics tools will allow you to gain valuable insights from your customer data. And most contact centres these days have a vast amount of data to mine.

You can discover the person’s intent when they contact your business inbound – and see their preferences from their call history – to personalize your response outbound.

This can then be applied when setting a predictive dialler to give you proactive, compliant contact capabilities.

Outbound contact made easy

Six examples:

  1. A customer has a vague idea that their insurance is due for renewal soon but doesn’t receive any reminders. This makes them uneasy. So what do they do?
    Check their insurance expiry date and go to another insurer to get a policy. This can be avoided by using data to set a predictive dialler to contact customers with a friendly message about renewals. You might also use it to cross-sell or up-sell.
  2. You’re an organization who has simple service announcements to make about everything from appointment changes and housing repairs to payments, tickets and deliveries … and you need a fast way to communicate the messages. A predictive dialler can send an outbound message on the right channel at the right time to maximize engagement and response. It frees up agents to focus on other key tasks.
  3. You can use the dialler to conduct customer surveys without impacting your agents’ workload.
  4. You need to improve engagement with your customers and contacts – perhaps to manage payment collections more effectively. This requires careful communications handling and a sensitive and compliant approach. A multichannel, personalized outbound message can help.
  5. You can use the multichannel outbound dialler to send texts with a link to your website where a customer can self-serve if preferred.
  6. And you can manage inbound queues via channel shift – for example, playing a message on your IVR inviting people to leave details for the dialler to call them back.

These are just some examples of how proactive outbound contact can achieve business goals and provide optimal outcomes.

Applying structure to operations

An intelligent predictive dialler applies structure to contact using advanced data and process management features, including list filters, dialling rules and call times. It’s straightforward to set up and you can change campaigns and messages whenever you want.

It can be integrated with your CRM (we’ve got several customers with Salesforce and MS Dynamics, for example) to ensure channels and communications are relevant to individual customers.

With performance management analytics, you’ll be able to see contact volumes, channel usage etc and make informed decisions to reduce queues and maximize resources. You’ll know when to make changes like blending – swapping agents from one channel or campaign to another etc.

With our rostrvm outbound call centre platform, you don’t have to replace your existing infrastructure; rostrvm overlays it so you can enhance features and add new ones. We integrate with your other systems and apps to deliver joined-up contact and reporting.

You can choose to deploy it on-site or in the cloud.

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Published On: 19th Sep 2019 - Last modified: 25th Sep 2019
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