How To Balance Efficiency & Human Expertise In QA Automation

How To Balance Efficiency & Human Expertise In QA Automation

Date : Thursday 7th March 2024
Location : Virtual

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Contact centre management relies heavily on quality assurance, yet the scarcity of skilled resources often limits QA to manual reviews of small sample sizes, resulting in missed calls and valuable insights.

So, how can organisations optimise their QA journey by using automation to monitor areas like compliance and process adherence, while strategically incorporating manual scoring to enhance coaching programmes with tools like conversation intelligence?

Join experts Mark Lockyer, Ben Harper and Dorothy O’Byrne for a live demonstration and discussion on the continuous nature of automating QA and the potential for technology to enable sustained long-term outcomes.

Key learnings on:

  • Building QA efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing agent satisfaction and retention
  • Driving CX and business improvements
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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 13th Feb 2024
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