Infobip Launches Click-to-Chat Ad Analytics

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Infobip has launched a Click-to-chat ad analytics for brands and marketing professionals who seek to harness the power of social media advertising and messaging in one platform.

The move enables marketing professionals to combine ads from Facebook and Instagram with WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct messaging to increase conversions and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Marketing professionals can also gain deeper insights into customer behaviour, integrate advertising and messaging analytics, and make data-driven campaign improvements.

Research from Infobip shows the rapid growth of customer interactions on chat apps such as WhatsApp and social media channels such as Instagram, including a 73% increase in WhatsApp interactions in 2022 compared to 2021.

But businesses and brands looking to integrate advertising efforts across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp must ensure they can optimize campaigns.

Infobip now offers analytics for ads that click to chat, an ad format available on Facebook and Instagram, including feeds, stories, and the Facebook Marketplace.

The solution allows businesses to create ad campaigns that encourage the target audience to send them a message on WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct.

Once an ad is set, launched in the Facebook ad manager, and connected to the chat app, businesses can see a range of data, including conversion tracking on the web or mobile app, post-purchase experience, or abandoned cart recovery.

Brands gain insights on the end-to-end marketing funnel, from the number of impressions in the Facebook feed to the number of conversions and ROAS of each campaign.

Infobip’s Click-to-chat ad analytics provides a holistic view of the entire customer journey, from ad engagement to conversion, empowering businesses with essential behavioural data.

These are critical insights for digital marketing agencies, enterprises, and SMBs across industries including, retail & eCommerce, finance, and transportation & logistics.

The solution can be utilized through all Infobip cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, including Answers – Chatbot building platform – to set up a chatbot that will handle queries, Conversations – Cloud contact center solution – to transfer the chat to an agent if the queries get too complicated for the bot to handle, People – Customer data platform – will take care of storing all collected data, and Moments – customer engagement platform – will help you tackle the customers through marketing broadcasts based on collected analytics.

“Marketing specialists across all sectors can now effortlessly combine advertising via Meta channels and messaging conversations to set up powerful campaigns, tap into advanced analytics, and elevate their ROAS to new levels.

Infobip can provide all the tools needed for tracking conversions – whether for abandoned carts or post-purchase behaviour – within one platform.

Our Click-to-chat ad analytics solution brings this data together without extra client effort, allowing seamless lead generation in WhatsApp.” Ben Lewis, Vice-President of Marketing & Growth at Infobip

Published On: 8th Sep 2023
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