How to Know if Your Knowledge Base Is Holding You Back

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ProcedureFlow discuss how to maximize the value of your knowledge base.

Although it’s often overlooked, internal knowledge bases play a huge role in overall customer satisfaction. Agents are often the first (and sometimes only) personal touchpoint a customer may have with your organization.

This means that they are crucial in developing brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and positive word of mouth for your organization.

It goes without saying that in order for an agent to do well in their position, they need to be given the tools to succeed. Enter: knowledge bases.

Knowledge bases are like the brains of your organization. A hub for everyone’s knowledge and full of processes and procedures. In theory, they should help your agents by making sure they have the information they need at their fingertips.

Whether it’s on a live call, or during onboarding, a knowledge base should be the support system your agents know they can turn to.

In reality, this isn’t always the case. Often, agents end up frustrated with their knowledge bases, and find it makes their job harder, not easier. So, how do you know if your knowledge base is holding your organization back? We’ve got you covered.

  • Do your agents have to search through multiple articles to find what they’re looking for?
  • Are multiple people in charge of keeping your knowledge base updated?
  • Do your agents avoid using the knowledge base at all costs?
  • Do your agents have a long AHT, slowed down by complicated calls and long KB loading periods?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then your organization is being held back by your knowledge base.

With the right knowledge management solution built for your organization, you can eliminate the knowledge base struggles standing in your agents’ way, and help them reach their full potential.

After all, confident, happy agents = satisfied customers, and a successful organization.

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Published On: 22nd Feb 2021 - Last modified: 1st Aug 2022
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