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Two people jumping with a chess board representing important skills
Survey Results: The Most Important Customer Service Skills
2021 survey report
2021 Survey Report: What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now
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3 Trends for the Future of Contact Centre Training
Improve Your Training Program With Work-From-Home Agents
Homeworker Wearing a Headset
How to Adapt to a Blended Work Model
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Customer Experience: A Q&A with Jeff Toister
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2001 or 2021: Are Contact Centres Keeping Up?
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Why Your Agents Need Answers Fast
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How to Know if Your Knowledge Base Is Holding You Back
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Top 3 Reasons You Hate Your Knowledge Base
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Case Study: Contact Centre Reduces Training Time by 50%
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Case Study: Medavie Blue Cross Decrease Call Escalations by 40%
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Case Study: NB Power Improve and Speed-Up Their Induction Training
A picture of a pink alarm clock
Case Study: Contact Centre Reduces Average Handle Time by 12%
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Case Study: RFP Reducing Contact Centre Training Time by Over 90%
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8 Cross-Industry Knowledge Management Strategies
A photo of a remote agent homeworking
5 Best Practices for Simple and Effective Remote Training
A picture of someone enjoying the sunset
The Secret Ingredient to Successful Remote Training: Happiness
A picture of an agent helping another agent from a falling floor
How ProcedureFlow is Helping Contact Centers Adapt in Times of Crisis
A picture of a remote worker
5 Ways to Engage Agents Working Remotely
A picture of the computer as book knowledge base concept
What Is a Knowledge Base? – With a Definition, Uses and Mistakes to Avoid
30 Customer Experience Trends to Watch Out For
A picture of a mental health light bulb
Are You Looking After Your Agents’ Mental Health?
A picture of a screen with charts
7 Reasons Why You Should be Using Visuals in Training

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