How to Measure Contact Centre Turnover

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Justin Robbins of Talkdesk explains how to calculate advisor turnover in the contact centre.

Contact centre turnover is inevitable. The role of a call centre agent is often a low-paying, entry-level position. Many people accept these positions to get their foot in the door with a company, or as a means of earning income until something better comes along.

The drivers of turnover can vary significantly depending on the organisation, job market, industry, location or a variety of other social or economic factors. It’s important to understand each of the factors that contributes to turnover and how it can be avoided.

One of the ways that contact centre leaders can understand their attrition rates is to measure the four types of employee turnover. They are:

Internal Voluntary: This is when an employee pursues a position within your organisation. Internal turnover is often viewed as positive (in the case of promotions, or cross-training strategies) but could be negative if employees are looking to escape poor management or stressful working conditions.

Internal Involuntary: This is when an employer makes the decision to shift an employee’s role and responsibilities. Examples of this type of turnover could include a leadership promotion, a reassignment based on changing business needs or a performance-based demotion.

External Voluntary: This type of turnover is when an employee voluntarily chooses to resign from the organisation. Voluntary turnover could be the result of a more appealing job offer, staff conflict, or lack of advancement opportunities.

External Involuntary: This type of turnover is when an employer chooses to release an employee from the organisation. Involuntary turnover could be a result of poor performance, staff conflict, the at-will employment clause, etc.

Each type of turnover should be tracked monthly and annually—using both actual and average measurements. These calculations enable contact centre leaders to understand how their turnover may change from month to month, as well as to understand overall trends on a monthly or annual basis.

Here are some examples of using the various types of turnover calculation:

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Published On: 28th Feb 2019
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