5 Must-Have Dialler Features You Need In Your Outbound Call Centre

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A dialler (or auto-dialler) is one of the most important pieces of technology in any contact centre. A good one is your outbound team’s secret weapon, allowing agents to have more of the conversations that make a difference.

There are various kinds of dialler, but they all automate the task of placing calls to customers. Their differences tend to centre around the speed with which they place calls and the time given to agents to prepare for them.

But because modern diallers are software-based, they can do so much else besides, from accurately routing answered calls to tracking performance and productivity. For that reason, auto-diallers are must-haves for any outbound campaign, whether sales, customer services, debt resolution or anything else.

In the rest of this article, we’ll look at some of the key features of the best modern diallers.

Essential Dialler Features That Boost Outbound Call Centre Performance

Answer Machine Detection (AMD) Saves You Time

Your software dials a number which is then answered, but before routing the call to an agent it identifies that the call has connected to an answer machine. The system then plays a prerecorded message before disconnecting, without taking up any of your agent’s time.

AMD is a huge time saver for agents, who used to spend much of their day making calls that went straight to voicemail. Now, AMD only passes calls to agents when they have been answered by a person.

All outbound teams can benefit from AMD, but high volume sales campaigns are especially time-sensitive and targets can easily be missed when agent time is spent hitting voicemails again and again.

Our AMD successfully detects over 90% of answer machine connections, freeing up agent time to make the calls the count.

Speech Analytics Helps You Understand Your Customers

Contact centre leaders spend large amounts of time listening to call recordings for quality control purposes. Thanks to AI-driven speech analytics, they no longer have to.

Speech analytics listen to conversations for you, scanning them for customer sentiment, call quality and agent performance.

It can alert you to unhappy or vulnerable customers, and ensure agents are delivering compulsory compliance messages. It can prefilter conversations that require further attention, and provide insight into what customers are saying about your products, service or competitors.

All of which drives contact centre performance. Speech analytics means you can learn valuable lessons from every customer conversation, rather than a random few. It provides more meaningful information while also saving you time.

A Secure Payment Manager Makes Customers Happier (and Contact Centres More Efficient)

A secure payment IVR gives customers the payment options they want, while giving teams the time they need to deal with more complex or sensitive cases.

Payment automation helps you speed up debt collection and improve cash flow. When you give customers more convenient ways to pay, they’re more likely to stick to payment schedules.

Our payment IVR is fully PCI compliant, protecting customer information at all times. We offer both assisted payments, in which staff safely guide customers through the payments process, and automated payments, which are fully self-serve and available 24/7.

Pre-Configured Reports and Analytics for Total Visibility

You can only improve contact centre performance when you can measure it. When you’ve done that, you need to present the data in a way that is easy to understand and act on. That’s where analytics and reporting come in.

Our pre-configured reporting gives you complete visibility around productivity, issue resolution rates, revenue and customer satisfaction, to name just a few. You can set targets for campaigns, channels, teams and agents and track performance over time.

All teams – sales, service and debt resolution – benefit from better information. Pre-configured reports give you the data you need in the quickest and most hassle-free way.

Easy Integration Makes the Most of All Your Systems

A good dialler is good on its own. When it works hand in hand with your other systems, it’s even better.

For example, when a sales agent has instant access to all the customer information stored in the company CRM system, he can make conversations personal and human.

He can see what the customer has inquired about before, which communication channels they tend to prefer, and what feedback they may have given after a previous interaction.

He can use that information to create personalised conversations and tailor contacts around the specific challenges or needs of an individual.

It’s a strategy that gets results, because we all like to be treated as people, not numbers on a contact list. The same is true for after sales and debt resolution teams.

Instant access to information creates better outcomes. And by putting all relevant information at your agents’ fingertips, it can reduce the time customers spend on hold.

Our strategic integrations cover many of the most popular payments, CRM, support, infrastructure and insight platforms, and we’re adding more all the time.

Reach More People and Improve Efficiency with a Powerful Outbound Dialler

Taken together, these features add up to significant improvements in the productivity and efficiency of outbound teams.

They allow sales, service and debt resolution teams to target customers more effectively, conduct more informed conversations and reduce time spent on routine tasks.

They give managers the insight they need to improve customer centre performance without ramping up costs.

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