Nuance Receive Plaudits for Their Virtual Assistant Solution

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Opus Research released its annual Decision Makers’ Guide to Enterprise Intelligent Assistants—which, for the fourth year in a row, has named Nuance the highest-rated vendor.

The report provides a comprehensive assessment of enterprise-grade Intelligent Assistant solution providers bringing natural language processing, machine learning, AI and analytics to support customer care, self-service, employee assistance, messaging, and device control.

Its goal is to help buyers identify the solutions that are going to transform their organization to drive superior omnichannel experiences and boost bottom lines.

This year, Opus evaluated 13 vendors on product completeness and flexibility, as well as strategic potential in today’s digital, ecommerce environment.

The report notes that leading solution providers follow a “vision” for intelligent assistants that anticipates and addresses customer challenges and opportunities with conversational AI; champions the approach that AI should augment, not replace, human efforts; and applies AI and Deep Neural Networks to amplify both security measures and personalized customer experiences.

The 2021 report is particularly important when you consider just how critical seamless digital experiences became to our everyday lives over the last year.

As organizations across the globe pivoted to engage with consumers predominantly online, they needed robust enterprise-grade intelligent assistant solutions to support that shift.

Opus acknowledges this shift early on in the report, referencing the new phase of maturity that “Intelligent Assistance” has entered “as firms of all sizes look for the best ways to employ chatbots, voicebots, and virtual agents to create better customer experiences and promote employee productivity.”

Today, Nuance’s enterprise solutions power over 31 billion intelligent customer interactions annually, helping our Fortune 2500 customers increase revenue and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

The technology vendor have continued to innovate upon these solutions – particularly in the last year – to make it easier for enterprises to address pressing consumer needs and deliver personalized care from virtually every channel.

For example, Nuance launched a Voice-to-Agent messaging solution that lets consumers leave detailed messages that are automatically transcribed and routed to live agents, eliminating hold times in busy contact centres.

They also created an open enterprise-grade, SaaS tooling suite called Nuance Mix, which helps organizations build, maintain, and deliver complex conversational AI solutions to fit their unique business needs.

Nuance’s platform was also critical to businesses on the frontlines of the pandemic; Albertsons, one of the largest US food and drug retailers, turned to Nuance to provide real-time digital assistance to the growing number of customers ordering groceries via web and mobile apps.

And now, they’ve created new solutions to help organizations responsible for vaccine distribution quickly and easily manage the influx of questions consumers have on availability, eligibility, dosage timing, and more.

No matter what channel a consumer prefers to engage on – be it conversing with a virtual assistant on a website, receiving SMS messaging on mobile devices, or calling a customer service line – Nuance has an AI-powered solution that will ensure that experience is seamless.

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Published On: 22nd Feb 2021 - Last modified: 6th Aug 2021
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