Outbound telemarketing companies

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List of Telemarketing Companies

A list of Outbound Telemarketing Companies

Listed below are some telemarketing companies who have been in the call centre industry for some time, as well as some agencies that have carved out a niche by providing good telemarketing activities.

  • 2 Touch: www.2touch.co.uk
  • Ant Telemarketing: www.antmarketing.com
  • BPS Contact Centre Services: www.bpscontact.co.uk
  • Conduit: www.conduit.i.e
  • CPM: www.uk.cpm-int.com
  • HCL: www.hclbpo.com
  • Herotsc: www.herotsc.co.uk
  • LBM: www.lbm.co.uk
  • Response: www.reponse-uk.co.uk
  • Res-Q: www.resqcs.co.uk
  • Rocket: www.rocketuk.com
  • SITEL: www.sitel.com
  • Spark Response: www.sparkresponse.com
  • Stellar UK: www.stellarbpo.com
  • Telefocus: www.telefocus.co.uk
  • Telegen UK: www.telegenuk.com
  • The Telemarketing Company: www.ttmc.co.uk
  • Teleperformance UK
  • Voice: www.voicegroup.co.uk


Bernie Kane from Infinity CCS

Sian Ciabattoni from Noble Systems

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 31st Mar 2010 - Last modified: 11th Aug 2022
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  • I must add that RR Marketing, also have been in the telemarketing industry for a long time.

    Martin Thorgaard 16 Nov at 10:16
  • Btw a nice list of telemarketing companies.

    Telemarketing 16 Nov at 10:17