How to Take Your Performance Management to the Next Level


Rolled out a performance management solution, but not convinced you’re getting the most from your investment just yet?

We asked our panel of experts for their quick-fire tips on getting the most out of performance management technology – so you can be sure to boost employee engagement, team performance, and more!

1. Try Leaderboards, Levels, and Badges to Motivate Agents

Fully optimizing performance management technology starts with having the right elements in place.

When evaluating solutions, look for components that include the application of game mechanics (such as leaderboards, levels, badges, narratives, rewards, and recognition, etc.) to a non-game context. Gamification taps into intrinsic and extrinsic motivations and fosters an environment of friendly competition, thus motivating and engaging users.

Contributed by: Andrea Meyer, Content Marketing Manager, Centrical

2. Steer Clear of Using Generic Metrics

Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec

Steer clear of using generic metrics and instead concentrate on those that have a direct impact on the success of your operations.

Remember that the metrics you choose to track should be tailored to your contact centre’s unique objectives.

For instance, excessively prioritizing metrics like Average Handling Time may inadvertently lead to a decline in Customer Satisfaction metrics. This is because agents might feel pressured to rush through conversations, sacrificing quality for speed.

By carefully selecting metrics that reflect your centre’s priorities and values, you can ensure that your performance measurement strategy effectively drives desired outcomes and promotes overall success.

Contributed by: Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec

3. Be Careful Not to Micromanage or React to Every Trigger

Finlay Macmillen at Odigo

With so many balls in the air and so much data coming their way, supervisors and agents may end up micromanaging and reacting to every trigger, alert, and notification, leading to numerous adjustments to training plans, data dashboards and coaching initiatives.

The problem is this ‘data-fuelled’ frenzy can create chaos where cause and effect are impossible to establish, and effective strategies are overlooked.

Modern tech is amazing for automating processes and providing microlearning, support, and gamification, but without time to reflect, absorb and appraise long-term improvement may be lacking.

The key is to respond to data, not react. Tech can save time but that should then be reinvested where it can offer real value.

Contributed by: Finlay Macmillen, Junior Sales Executive, Odigo

4. Make Sure Your Managers and Agents Know How to Use It

Deliver continuous training and support to both managers and agents, ensuring they possess a thorough understanding of how to effectively use the performance management technology.

This approach guarantees that everyone knows the capabilities of the technology and how to use them for optimal results.

Contributed by: Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec

5. Close Performance Gaps With Short Learning Modules

Andrea Meyer at Centrical

Adequate training and reinforcement of that training helps drive engagement. AI-powered microlearning delivers short learning modules, based on knowledge and performance gaps, that can easily be completed between calls.

Not only this, but augmented coaching enables managers to conduct more meaningful and human-focused coaching sessions, helping to better engage employees and improve performance.

6. Empower Agents See How They Are Performing Against Their Goals

With real-time performance insights, employees will receive clarity into where they are against their goals and what they need to do to meet (and perhaps exceed!) them, which helps boost motivation and engagement – and ultimately brings strong results.

Contributed by: Andrea Meyer, Content Marketing Manager, Centrical

7. Define Clear Objectives

Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with the performance management technology.

Whether it’s improving customer satisfaction, increasing efficiency, or boosting sales, having clear objectives ensures alignment and focus.

8. Set Aside Regular Time to Look Through the Data

Dedicate time and effort to thoroughly analyse the data generated by the performance management technology, extracting actionable insights that can drive meaningful improvements.

By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, you can enhance the effectiveness of your operations and ensure that your contact centre continues to evolve and excel.

Gain a clear understanding of what this data represents and how it correlates with your contact centre’s objectives.

Use these insights to make informed decisions and implement continuous improvement initiatives.

By harnessing the power of data-driven insights, you can enhance the effectiveness of your operations and ensure that your contact centre continues to evolve and excel.

9. Go Back to Your Vendor to Ask for Additional Tips and Insights

Finally, remember to collaborate closely with the customer success team of your chosen solution vendor to gain insights and tips on unlocking the full potential of the performance management solution.

By making use of their expertise and guidance, you can maximize the benefits of the technology and drive greater success in your contact centre operations.

Contributed by: Tatiana Polyakova, COO, MiaRec

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