The Average Customer Churn Rate is 20%


According to our poll, the average customer churn rate in the contact centre industry is 20%.

However, the poll also reveals that a quarter of contact centres have a churn rate that is over 40%, meaning that the average customer stays for less than three years with these companies.

Poll – “On average, what is your customer churn rate?” – answers

1%-9% – 22.6%
10%-19% – 25.8%
20%-29% – 17.4%
30%-49% – 12.3%
50%-75% – 12.9%
76%-100% – 9%

Source: Call Centre Helper Survey – How Contact Centres Are Delivering Exceptional Customer Service (2016 Edition)     Sample size – 350+      Date: March 2016

Published On: 7th Oct 2016 - Last modified: 18th Jan 2022
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