Top 3 Reasons You Hate Your Knowledge Base

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ProcedureFlow share some all-too-familiar knowledge base frustrations and how to overcome them.

Your knowledge base is meant to make your life easier. As a hub for all of your important information, knowledge bases are crucial for the success of your business.

Unfortunately, they can sometimes be a pain, and make your life harder rather than easier. In fact, on average 52% of contact centres found their knowledge bases hard to navigate.

Below are some of the most common knowledge base issues, because we understand that the struggle is real.

  1. You can never find what you’re looking for when you actually need it: Searching for information while on the phone with a customer is stressful. What’s even more stressful? Having to comb through duplicated text-heavy documents, all seemingly similar, to find the information you need.
  2. It’s hard to tell which article is the most up to date: Knowledge bases usually have a handful of people in charge of managing the information. While this has the potential to be great, in reality, it often turns out to be more of a burden. With multiple people editing documents, the knowledge is more prone inconsistencies and errors. Articles with multiple editors will have different methods and opinions on how to perform processes and different language and formatting in the article, making it hard for an agent to follow along.
  3. It’s time-consuming: When you’re searching for information, it’s likely the time that you need it the most. Which means, you probably don’t have the time to be scanning through articles and paragraphs to find exactly what you’re looking for. Your knowledge base can’t read your mind, and having to take time out of work to pull up the necessary article feels slow and archaic.

Knowledge bases can be both a blessing and a curse. However, knowledge management does not have to be so difficult.

Setting your company up with a knowledge management solution that understands your struggles, and is designed specifically with you in mind, can make a world of difference in not only your employees’ lives, but the satisfaction of your customers as well.

Studies have shown that 93% of consumers would be willing to wait on hold longer to speak to a more knowledgeable representative, and 73% of customers say the experience they receive from agents is a major factor in their purchasing decisions.

The importance of an easy-to-use knowledge management tool has never been more apparent.

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Published On: 19th Feb 2021 - Last modified: 19th Jul 2022
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