Say Goodbye to Bad IT Helpdesk Experiences

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Erin Wilson at Five9 explains how to say goodbye to bad IT helpdesk experiences and get results.

Have you ever asked your co-workers who they dread speaking with the most at the office? You might be surprised; it’s not their boss, HR, or bad-breath Brian by the water cooler.

The overwhelming response I got? IT. People cited reasons like: “made me feel foolish,” “unhelpful,” and “why’d *that* require a call.” But calling IT, support, or the help desk doesn’t need to be a frustrating experience. It’s time to change that stereotype.

When configured thoughtfully, an intelligent cloud contact centre platform can reduce the friction your employees experience, automate repetitive requests, and bring the love back to IT.

Simplifying Support

Consider Naya, a marketing director at a healthcare firm. One day, while working from home, Naya was prompted to change her password. She complied with her laptop’s wishes, but forgot she needed to be on the VPN. This caused her laptop and network passwords to become out of sync, and ultimately locked her out.

Naya needed IT support.

Much to her surprise, as she picked up her phone to call IT, it started ringing. IT had detected the problem and used Five9 Workflow Automation to initiate a proactive outbound call. Naya is greeted by Rosie the Intelligent Virtual Agent of their new automated password reset system!

The virtual agent takes her through quick, easy steps to reset her password.

Personalized Service

However, sometimes employees want to speak with a person. For example, the time Naya’s computer battery failed. She successfully ordered a new one by submitting a ticket, which IT filled and shipped to her house, but Naya doesn’t have a clue on how to change her laptop’s battery.

So, she calls in again. Rosie recognizes Naya and her needs, and recommends video chat as the best way to help her change her battery. She connects Naya with Mike, the IT guy, who escalates the call to video so he can see what Naya sees. Working together, her battery is installed in no time.

Easy, Automated Assistance

Naya is eager to get back to work, but suddenly realizes she doesn’t have access to the SharePoint folder for the project she just got assigned. This is yet another previously manual process that Five9 helped automate.

When Naya sends in the email requesting access, Five9 Workflow Automation parses the content, understands her need, checks her user qualification, and programmatically adds her to the folder in question.

As a point of policy, her access will expire in 30 days (Five9 takes care of that as well). All the while proactively notifying her of the changes and logging the appropriate no-call-closed tickets in their CRM.

By deflecting the most common types of support calls, this company saves time, money, and resources.

Simple *and* efficient.

Elevate the Experience

Today we’ve explored how this company delivers best-in-class IT support by:

  • Automating repetitive tasks like password reset
  • Proactively communicating with employees when the need for assistance is detected
  • Collaborating on repairs using voice and video
  • And reducing time to resolution with programmatic execution of simple requests.

Reimagine your IT helpdesk and get results your employees will love.

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Published On: 18th Oct 2022
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