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Sprinklr has announced the company’s latest platform release (v. 18.8). With the release of 18.8, the proprietary Sprinklr AI+ platform now integrates with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and OpenAI’s GPT models and is now generally available to all customers.

“Sprinklr is the fastest and most effective way to get AI into a global brand’s front office prebuilt for security and data privacy,” said Ragy Thomas, CEO and founder, Sprinklr.

“With Sprinklr AI+, our more than 1,400 enterprise customers can increase productivity, boost the quality of insights, and drive automation across their front office functions.

“Sprinklr’s ability to seamlessly integrate with customers’ own models, create new ones, or integrate with Sprinklr AI+ gives customers choice and access to the latest generative AI technologies.”

Sprinklr AI+ gives brands unified generative AI capabilities for customer service, insights, social media management, and marketing built with enterprise-level governance, security, and data privacy.

With Sprinklr AI+, customers can utilize Generative AI with just a few clicks, without the need to learn new workflows, and with confidence in the accuracy, security, and privacy of the Sprinklr platform.

Release 18.8 introduces more than 700 new features and enhancements across the four Sprinklr product suites: Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Insights, Sprinklr Marketing, and Sprinklr Social. An overview of key updates and enhancements is below.

Sprinklr Service:

Create smarter contact centres with Sprinklr AI+ generative AI capabilities.

Generative AI-Powered Insights Hub:

Eliminate manual analysis of reports with AI-powered dashboards that automatically identify insights and recommend actions.

Quality Management Enhancements Powered by Generative AI:

Auto-create and configure parameters for quality scoring without external support.

Generative AI for Conversational Analytics 2.0:

Generative AI model trained to highlight contact drivers and detect any unidentified issues. The platform can also detect patterns in customer and agent speech potentially indicative of an issue.

Conversational AI+ Powered by Generative AI:

Customers can now harness the power of LLM and generative AI to eliminate rigid decision trees and enhance virtual assistants. Users can create dynamic dialog flows and craft context-specific, natural conversations with ease.

Video Commerce on Live Chat:

Empower customer service agents to curate a personalized shopping experience during video calls by adding relevant products to the customer’s cart in real-time. Advanced capabilities such as product search, voucher suggestions and cart creation are available to agents within the platform.

Robust Workforce Management (WFM) Solution (in Beta):

Alongside the core WFM capabilities, empower supervisors with live updates on agent adherence and construct optimal schedules considering agent preferences with shift bidding.

Sprinklr Insights:

Leverage improved actionability, upgraded channel coverage and workflow improvements.

AI-Powered Insights Assistant:

Sprinklr insights assistant provides information on root cause and actionable recommendations.

Generative AI-Powered Automatic Summarization:

Automatic AI-powered summary of all conversations associated with an aggregate data point quickly highlights key information, recommended actions, and reduces the need to review and read every comment or piece of content.

Capture Conversations and Content From China Across Apps Like Sina Weibo, Xiaohongshu and Kuaishou:

Release 18.8 includes expanded source coverage to enable customers to capture conversations and user-generated content (UCG) from major Chinese social apps.

Sprinklr Marketing:

Ensure that your campaigns engage audiences better than before.

Effortless Ad Content Creation:

Generate engaging ad content quickly and efficiently at scale. Utilize Sprinklr’s AI+ integrations with leading generative AI offerings to effortlessly create compelling ad copies and carousel stories.

Dynamic Content Adaptation:

Seamlessly modify existing content to meet your needs, whether it’s extending, condensing, or rephrasing. Customize and improve your content with tailored prompts, allowing adjustments to tone and length. Translate any text instantly, by simply choosing the desired language.

Streamlined UTM Tracking:

Simplify UTM tracking for non-social content. Create customized UTM forms, effortlessly generate UTM links, and efficiently manage all UTMs for non-social content, all within the Sprinklr platform.

Optimized Google Discovery Ads:

Take control of the end-to-end management of your Google Discovery Ads. Publish, edit, configure, optimize, and monitor Google Discovery Ads seamlessly within Sprinklr, offering an engaging native ad experience within your audience’s feed.

Sprinklr Social: Drive Better Social Media Engagement and Improve Governance.

Industry-Leading Governance:

Release 18.8 includes several enhancements to build on Sprinklr’s industry-leading governance with new channel integrations, privacy settings, and admin configurations.

New Slack Integration:

Social teams can now manage slack messages within Sprinklr alongside other platforms.

Automated Video Optimization:

User can leverage automated video optimization for different channels to help eliminate manual effort when preparing and publishing video content.

Sprinklr AI+ is a flexible AI-everywhere offering that integrates Sprinklr’s specialized AI models with leading generative AI capabilities to drive higher productivity, better decision-making, and more seamless experiences from customer-facing teams.

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 19th Sep 2023
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