3 Strategies to Create a Kinder Customer Experience

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Colin Hay of Puzzel shares three simple strategies that organisations can use to win customers over with efficient, yet kind, conversations.

We often hear about customer service being increasingly used as a business differentiator but what does this really mean? After all, customer service comes in many guises and means different things to different people.

Some people simply want fast service at the right price, while eBay devotees revel in the thrill of the auction without speaking to another human being.

In general, speed and efficiency are all that matters, together with regular text or email updates of delivery dates and guarantees that credit card details are secure at all times.

On the other hand, consumers looking for support with complex, confidential or emotionally sensitive matters would soon lose faith or be truly offended if they were treated as just another transaction on an endless conveyor belt of products.

Adding agility to improve service levels is nothing new, but how often do we hear about businesses creating a kinder customer experience to stand out from the crowd?

Bringing Kindness to Customer Interactions in the Real World

A kinder customer experience is a concept that Puzzel customer Ombudsman Services understands intuitively and shared at Puzzel’s Get Connected conference last year.

Since the beginning of 2018, Ombudsman has practically reinvented its QA framework by deploying speech analytics in the contact centre to record 252,000 calls across all sectors.

The organisation has successfully used voice recognition technology to capture 80 different phrases sorted into 12 categories. This established that nearly 30% of calls relate to dealing with someone in a vulnerable position, for example coping with mental health issues, losing their health or jobs or just trying to stay warm.

The technology provides valuable insight into each call and caller and strategically spots trends that identify the top issues facing all UK customers today.

These powerful insights are essential to helping agents truly understand real-life consumer situations and, as a result, respond with empathy and kindness as well as offer practical advice.

The Three Ways to Create a Kind Customer Experience

With a few simple strategies, every organisation is capable of winning customers over through efficient yet kind conversations.

Here are three ways to get you started:

1. Have the Right Team on Your Side

Kindness starts from within and it starts from the top. Hire leaders who show dedication to building positive contact centres where agents care for each other as well as for their customers.

Look for agents who combine passion with compassion. These are the ones who intuitively understand a customer’s emotional state then use this knowledge to solve customer problems in a highly personalised and meaningful way.

2. Overcome the Fear of New Technology

Introducing new technology can be an exercise of winning over hearts and minds, especially when people have faith in their traditional ways of working.

What is more, by its very nature, speech analytics has a strong element of ‘big brother’ and can strike fear into the most confident employees. Overcome resistance to change by highlighting the undoubted benefits of automation.

For example, accurate recording of calls that liberates language and empowers agents to engage more effectively with customers while providing high levels of transparency to build trust with each other and with customers.

3. Use Knowledge to Build a Circle of Continuous Kindness

Understanding your customers’ requirements now and in the past is the first step towards treating them with kindness.

Combine traditional resources of FAQs on websites with the use of chatbots to grow knowledgebases by feeding back useful information based on customer enquiry patterns.

Add predictive analytics to tap into past resolutions, to support similar scenarios in the future and pre-empt issues before they become real problems. Then combine with speech analytics to highlight proactive opportunities for kindness.

The latest cloud-based omnichannel contact centres integrate seamlessly with speech analytics technology to analyse and search 100% of recorded customer calls in real time, helping them to glean valuable intelligence from thousands – even millions – of customer calls quickly and efficiently.

Highly sophisticated, today’s technology can even identify dialects, regional accents and slang in addition to detecting the usual keywords and phrases over multiple time periods.

Innovative “TellMeWhy” features also help organisations quickly identify potential underlying root causes for specific calls.

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Colin Hay

This all-important data should be added to the knowledgebase as part of a vital circle of continuous improvement and shared learning.

Follow in the steps of Ombudsman Services. Fast and efficient is not the only way to stand out from the crowd. Why not add a little kindness to the equation?

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Published On: 31st May 2019 - Last modified: 4th Jun 2019
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