The Best Ways to Use Social Media in the Contact Centre


We asked our panel on Twitter to answer “What is the best way to use social media in the contact centre?” – in less than 140 characters.

Planning Forum ‏@PlanningForum


Don’t ignore it. Customers 150% more likely to churn if they feel ignored on social channels.

Rostrvm Solutions ‏@rostrvm


They may have tweeted you but you don’t have to tweet back – it’s public. Phoning may be quicker, cheaper and more effective.

I Want it Now ‏@StefWalkMe


Use for customers to reach you, then help them via more convenient channels that are more private too. Must be fast!


Joe Staples ‏@jstaples21

Start with monitor, route, and reply with promptness.

Magnetic North ‏@MN_Cloud


Social media should have a clear process, be integrated with other comms & managed by customer service staff (not marketing).

Colin Whelan ‏@PPFColin


I feel social media can be used as a great communication tool for staff, Facebook overtime announcements, Q&A with exec, etc.

Peter Doak ‏@Peter_Doak


“Embrace it entirely”, @Concentrix we use #SM to acquire, support and renew relationships #SocialMediaEverywhere

Aspect Software @AspectSoftware


Don’t just push info onto consumers. Harness the medium’s conversational capabilities to build a dialogue with customers.

Granby Marketing @granbymarketing


To listen, advise and share with your customer base. Remember: If you’re on social, people will chose to talk to you on it.

NewVoiceMedia ‏@NewVoiceMedia


As well as responding to customers, use social media to build new contacts, share great content and ideas & gather feedback.



Use it to listen to what your customers are saying, good/bad and to start a conversation and engage, not just respond. #cctr


Keith Gait ‏@KeithGait

Dont let marketing control it!

Hostcomm ‏@Hostcomm


Enable agents to communicate with customers on their chosen platform. #multichannelcallcentre

mplsystems ‏@mplSystems


Agents need to be empowered with a knowledge base, real time data and the right skills to respond to social interactions.


Richard Grice ‏@Richard_E_G

Listening and responding. Looking for patterns.

Planning Forum ‏@PlanningForum


Align with other customer channels – make sure staff can see if customer is currently engaging in any other way.

Magnetic North ‏@MN_Cloud


Part of the process for social media is having responsibility clearly delegated to people with the right skills and knowledge.

Aspect Software @AspectSoftware


It’s all about speed! Respond to queries quickly, to enhance customer experience, and issue instantly to minimise damage.

Ahmed Humaikani ‏@ANMkani


Create an agent design group on FB for posting monthly schedules & performances.

Northumbria IT @NorthumbriaIT


We don’t get into a conversations on Twitter as it may not be appropriate to discuss personal details. We thank them for contacting us & then move to another more secure medium.

What do you think is the best way to use social media in the contact centre?

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Published On: 13th Nov 2013 - Last modified: 24th Aug 2020
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