The Effective and Proactive Thing to Do when You Get a Nuisance Call

They drive us all mad!

Every time I get one and the CLI is shown (which since May 2016 (under the PECR directive regulation 19 and 21) has been a legal requirement) I do something that is proactive and effective. There are a lot of websites available to consumers but the most direct route to action is via the ICO (

The ICO receives around 11,000 complaints every month.

This year they have issued fines of £740,000 and have over £1 million in the pipeline with 167 cases under investigation.

This month they have issued £130,000 to Ocean Finance for spam texts.

It’s a very simple process that doesn’t take long.

If you get a nuisance call or text (ambulance chaser, PPI claim, computer scams), then if you have the time please contribute to getting them investigated.



This blog post has been re-published by kind permission of Nerys Corfield

Published On: 11th Oct 2016 - Last modified: 6th Feb 2019
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