The Functional Benefits of Speech Analytics

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Speech Analytics for the CEO

Speech Analytics can make sure that your contact centre investment is delivering to its full potential and saves costs. It can improve many other areas:

  • Marketing – Speech Analytics is designed to help direct, measure and focus campaigns to extract the most out of your marketing spend.
  • Customer Services – Speech Analytics can help explain WHY customers are behaving in the way they do, giving you vital insights into the voice of the customer, that you can use to improve processes, offers and react quickly and more flexibly to changing market conditions.
  • Operations – Speech Analytics helps diagnose key operational issues, giving you the information and insight you need to fine-tune internal processes.

Speech Analytics is no ‘magic bullet’, but it is an important tool that you can use to sharpen your entire customer management effort. This improvement is not limited to front-line operations, either. Throughout your
organisation, the learning from Speech Analytics can be put to work, making ‘customer centricity’ a reality, as well as creating efficiencies and saving costs.

Speech Analytics for the Marketing Manager

For many marketing managers, any information that gives you insight into how best to design a campaign will be gold dust.
Speech Analytics is designed to provide you with that insight.

Before your campaign begins, you can exploit insight into customer behaviour – what motivates them, what doesn’t – to focus your campaign on what really matters to customers. You are able to eliminate much guesswork at the planning stage, giving your campaigns more chance of achieving the impact you want from the start.

Once underway, you can understand the reaction more quickly and act on this understanding, maybe altering the offer in some way or refining a process with your colleagues based on feedback.

Overall, Speech Analytics enables you to drive campaign planning and executions with deep customer insight and improve the effectiveness of your marketing spend.

Speech Analytics for the Customer Services Manager

For the customer services manager, being told not only why customers are calling, but why they keep calling, is actionable intelligence. It provides the underlying causes behind calling behaviour, and you can take action armed with this information.

In particular, Speech Analytics can help improve first-time call resolution.

Understanding WHY customers are making repeat calls is the first step to eliminating the root cause.

You can apply the same principle to customer attrition – uncovering the root cause gives you the information you need to nip this problem in the bud. You can take steps to anticipate the causes of customer defection and
provide threatened customers with good reasons to stay, based on your new understanding of their behaviour.

Speech Analytics is an important tool that you can use to boost your customer satisfaction figures and improve the contribution you make to your organisation’s success.

Speech Analytics for the Operational Manager

The operations manager can learn a great deal from the intelligence gained from Speech Analytics which can drive Workforce Optimisation.

Speech Analytics drives Quality Monitoring to new levels, while providing insight into the effectiveness of internal processes, enabling you to understand and build logic for changes.

You can use Speech Analytics to produce Key Performance Indicators to compare how different agents deal with different call types – comparing their up-selling and cross-selling skills, for example. You can concentrate
coaching on what matters, driven by real-time insight. Agents can become more productive, aligning skill-sets closely to customer demand.

Speech Analytics’ ability to focus on words customers use can be shared with other departments, giving them real-time information about their performance, too. Logistics, shipping and distribution departments can be
provided with analysis of calls where goods deliveries are a problem – perhaps identifying a particular carrier or some other area, allowing you to take swift remedial action.


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Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 14th Mar 2010 - Last modified: 27th Oct 2020
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