The Top 3 Gamified Learning Platforms in 2024

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Gamification has the potential to ignite learners’ imaginations and achieve unprecedented results.

Its interactive nature, constant challenge, and ability to bring fun back into the learning experience mean that it’s increasingly the most popular way to achieve educational outcomes, especially in a business environment.

The easiest way to get started with gamification implementation is by using gamified learning platforms. We’ll look at 2024’s top three gamified learning platforms, to help you decide which one is right for your needs.

What are Gamified Learning Platforms?

Gamified learning platforms are purpose-built systems that enable users to easily access key elements of gamification.

These platforms offer easy access to gamification elements such as leaderboards, points, coins, and unlocking new levels. Leading organizations leverage these elements in almost every internal process, from onboarding new employees to upskilling contact centre teams.

With a gamified learning platform, companies don’t have to build gamification into their workflows from scratch – rather, they access world-class gamification tools and seamlessly customize them to create engaging, interactive training programs tailored to their specific needs and goals, leading to a motivated and skilled workforce.

Top Benefits of Gamified Learning Platforms

There are several key benefits of gamified learning platforms. For general learning objectives, these include:

Boost Engagement by Making Learning fun and Competitive

By incorporating game-like elements, including friendly competition and captivating storylines, these platforms make learning more engaging than traditional methods.

Improve Motivation Through Rewards and Recognition

Gamification introduces a system of rewards (badges, points, levels, etc.) for achieving specific goals or completing tasks. This recognition motivates learners to keep progressing and offers them a sense of accomplishment.

Provide Immediate Feedback to Help Learners Understand Their Progress

Instant feedback is a critical component of gamified learning, allowing learners to immediately see the results of their actions.

Facilitate Better Information Retention

Gamified learning often employs interactive elements like simulations, quizzes, and problem-solving games that require active participation. These methods help in better retention of information by making learning experiences more memorable.

Encourage Continuous Learning and Challenge Through Levels and Achievements

Gamified platforms often use levels and achievement systems to structure the learning process. As learners progress, they unlock new levels and content, which keeps the learning experience fresh and challenging.

Examples of Effective Gamified Learning Platforms

There are several examples of gamified learning platforms, each with its unique focus.

Some focus on corporate training which uses game mechanics to boost employee performance and engagement.

Other types of gamified learning platforms include educational institutions, offering students a more interactive and engaging learning experience through challenges and rewards; platforms designed for language learning, employing gamification to make mastering a new language fun and effective (for example, Duolingo), as well as platforms specializing in technical skills development – for example using gamification to encourage users to learn coding, cybersecurity, or other IT-related skills through interactive tasks and competitions.

Gamified Learning for Corporate Training

In a corporate setting, gamified learning platforms offer tremendous advantages such as:

Streamlined Onboarding and Training

Gamified learning platforms can significantly reduce the time and resources required for training new employees. Interactive and engaging training modules help new hires learn about company policies, procedures, and job responsibilities more effectively and memorably.

Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork

Gamification encourages teamwork through group challenges and leaderboards. This can encourage a sense of community and collaboration among employees, even in remote or distributed teams, by promoting healthy competition and shared goals.

Improved Employee Engagement and Retention

Engaging training content and continuous learning opportunities can increase job satisfaction, which in turn can reduce employee turnover.

Data-Driven Insights for Performance Improvement

These platforms often include analytics tools that provide valuable insights into employee performance and learning progress, including personalized learning at scale.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Training Solutions

Gamified learning platforms can be easily scaled to accommodate growing or changing business needs, making it easier for companies to manage training for a large number of employees across different locations – which also drives significant cost savings in training and development.

The statistics confirm this. 60% of employees who underwent gamified training reported increased productivity​​, and a striking 89% of employees stated they would be more engaged in the workplace if it incorporated gamified activities.

Top 3 Top Gamified Learning Platforms + Reviews


Centrical is the #1 gamified learning platform that leverages gamification and AI to enhance employee engagement, streamline performance management, offer personalized microlearning, and empower managers with augmented coaching.

Trusted by leading enterprises, it promotes personal progress, connectedness, empowerment, and appreciation through its industry-leading gamification features.

The Centrical platform is built to inspire, give purpose, drive targeted improvement, reward excellence, and encourage connections on a deeper level. Centrical’s customers include Microsoft and Webhelp.

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2, with 115 reviews. is a gamification platform and API suite that offers in-app engagement experiences. It provides a cloud and on-premise gamification platform that can be integrated into any system to promote the engagement of customers and employees.

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2


Docebo is a learning management system focused on leveraging artificial intelligence for the development and management of learning programs.

It supports a range of organizational learning needs including content creation, learning impact measurement, and embedded learning.

The platform is designed for a variety of industries and use cases, emphasizing the enhancement of engagement, productivity, and business outcomes through learning.

Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars on G2

How to Select the Right Gamified Learning Platform

Selecting the right gamified learning platform depends on the goals you’re looking to achieve.

If it’s improving metrics for contact centre employees, it might be a gamification platform to boost productivity, CSAT and FCR scores, or to reduce attrition.

For sales teams, goals might be centered around increasing sales per hour or average order value.

For general learning and development use cases, it may be about increasing average assessment scores, reducing the time spent authoring content, or speeding up onboarding.

If your particular needs span all these areas—and more—consider a comprehensive platform that can handle all of these applications.


The benefits of a gamified learning platform are clear. They include obvious benefits, such as increasing engagement and motivation, as well as more subtle benefits, like better learning retention and leveraging data insights to provide more personalized and relevant gamification content at scale.

Statistics confirm these benefits – for example, 60% of employees who underwent gamified training reported an increase in productivity​​.

The top three gamified learning platforms were identified as Centrical,, and Decebo. Each offers its advantages and use cases.

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